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Initial Adult Psychiatric Evaluation (in person) - 60 min

The initial adult evaluation is a 60-minute detailed assessment of your current symptoms, past medical and mental health history, and life circumstances. Dr. Guinan will determine if you would benefit from any laboratory testing including, but not limited to, thyroid, vitamin and nutrient levels, or genetic testing. At the end of this appointment you will have a specific diagnosis and comprehensive treatment recommendations which may include lifestyle modifications, talk therapy, pharmacogenomic testing, supplements, and prescription medications. Dr. Guinan will collaborate with you and your other treatment providers to develop a highly personalized and effective treatment plan to optimize your mental and physical wellness. 

Initial Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Evaluation (in person) -  90 min

The initial child/adolescent evaluation is a 90-minute comprehensive evaluation focused on obtaining an accurate psychiatric diagnosis and identifying symptoms for treatment. Dr. Guinan will review your child's entire medication and psychiatric history in addition to reviewing other pertinent past evaluations. She may also include a discussion with your child's primary doctor, teachers, or other relevant adult contacts with parent/guardian consent. After this evaluation, Dr. Guinan will provide her diagnostic impressions and discuss recommendations which may or may not include medications, lab work, additional testing, and/or therapy.

Initial Perinatal Psychiatric Evaluation (in person) - 75 min

The initial perinatal psychiatric evaluation is similar in scope to the initial adult evaluation, but with additional focus on reproductive health history, mental health treatment options if planning to conceive or currently pregnant, and mental health concerns during the perinatal period. Dr. Guinan will review risks and benefits of various treatments in addition to providing counseling and support during this transformative and often times challenging time of life. 

Perinatal Consultation (in person) - 75 min

The reproductive psychiatry consultation is a 75-minute assessment that is similar to the initial perinatal evaluation but is intended for individuals who already have a psychiatrist and would like specific treatment recommendations before becoming pregnant, during pregnancy, or in the postpartum period. Dr. Guinan will work closely with your primary psychiatrist and treatment team to optimize your mental wellness. Dr. Guinan will also provide a comprehensive written consultation report for your referring physician.

Psychiatric Follow-Up Visit (in person or telepsychiatry) - 20-25 min

Psychiatric follow-up visits will be conducted after an initial assessment with Dr. Guinan is completed. The frequency of these visits will vary based on each patient's individual needs. Dr. Guinan will review progress, recommend adjustments to medications or supplements if needed, and continue to collaborate with you/your child's other providers to ensure wellness goals are being met.

Extended Psychiatric Follow-Up Visit (in person or telepsychiatry) - 50 min

The extended psychiatric follow-up includes standard follow-up medication management with additional time devoted to psychotherapy. Extended visits are sometimes preferred by those who have additional stressors or interpersonal relationship issues they would like to explore.  

Please note, Dr. Guinan does not currently provide the following services:

Permanent Disability Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations

Child Custody Evaluations

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Workman's Comp Evaluations

Legal Evaluations

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